Liebrichs to America

John Phillip Liebrich (b1702)
Arrived in Philadelphia 21 Sept 1754 from Butzbach via Hamburg
Settled in Manheim, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania
Descendents switched the spelling to Leebrick about 1830

Johann Adam Liebrich (b 1796)
Arrived in Philadelphia 1832-1835 from Sippersfeld via Le Havre, France
Settled in Butler Co, OH, wife Sophia, several children in Butler Co.
Name was also spelled Liebig and Lieberich in US.

Conrad Liebrich (b 1810)
Arrived in Philadelphia in 1837
Settled in Philadelphia, wife Anna, 4 children in PA
Was a prolific inventor, with numerous US patents on locks and children's toys

Abraham Liebrich
Arrived in New York in 1845
Settled in Philadelphia

John Liebrich
Arrived in Philadelphia in 1845 and was naturalized in Oct 1851
Settled in the Philadephia area

Johann Liebrich (b 1798)
Arrived in New York with his sons Christophe (b1830), Frederic(b 1831) and Abraham (b1841) in Nov 1845
Stated destination was Butler County, Ohio

Christian Liebrich
Arrived in Philadelphia in 1850

Freidrich Liebick
Arrived in Philadelphia in 1852

Adam Liebrich (born in Wurrtemburg 1832)
Arrived in New York Nov 1856 from Le Havre, France
Settled in Philadelphia
Was tavern keeper

Andrew Liebrich (b1825)
Arrived in New York June 1865
Settled in Butler County, Ohio
Was a tavern keeper

Henry Liebrich (b 1848)
Arrived in 1869
Settled in Chicago

Caroline, George, Peter, Jacob, Louis(Ludwig), Anna Maria and Augustina Liebrich
Arrived in New York in 1869 from Sippersfeld via Le Harve, France
Settled in Daartown, Butler Co, OH
Jacob married Marie Winson, had issue Peter and Augusta (Daartown)
Carolina married Justus Kolb, children unknown (Daartown)
Anna Marie married Hertzell, had issue Otto and Lena
Augustina married Frank Henrich Pandorf, had 4 issue in Cincinatti
Peter married Myrtle Green, had issue Luther and Augusta (Daartown)

Christian Liebrich (b 1838) Sippersfeld
Arrived in New York in Oct 1969 via Hamburg
Settled in Providence, Rhode Island
Returned to Sippersfeld in 1874 and brought wife and children back with him.
Was a pork packer

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