Ancestry DNA Results

"So, Leebrick, what is that, German?" I've been asked that a hundred times, at least, and I've always answered "Yes". And without a doubt, my paternal line is pure German, for at least 900 years, as I documented in my book "900 Years: A Liebrich/Leebrick Family History". But what about the other names in my family tree: The Buchers, McCallisters, Gordons, Budds, Conners, Davis', McAllisters and Wolfarths? What are they? Some of those names you'll recognize as Irish, Swiss, English, Scottish, etc. How do they show up in my DNA mixtures? Well, here's what the Ancestry DNA analysis shows.

Turns out German is actually a minority portion of my heritage. A lot more comes from Ireland/Scotland and Wales. The analysis also identified connections to two 3rd cousins (which I've verified as correct) and over 500 4th to 6th cousins, and so far, it looks like they are all legit. So, this DNA stuff, it's interesting.